St Moriz – Tanning Mousse REVIEW!


Today I embarked on something that was completely out of my usual territory. Something that in my rebellious teenage phase I swore blind that I would never do. Today I applied my own fake tan. Apart from one horrific incident where i mixed up my mothers gradual tanning moisturiser for my own normal one, I had never fake tanned and I  was quite content in living the pale life and looking like a twilight cast reject. Almost a year ago I went to Essex for a friends birthday, it was a TOWIE themed night out and I was living my worst nightmare. But she loves it so we went and got a spray tan. To my shock, it didn’t look half as bad as I’d thought it would and I sort of looked healthy. Very strange and new to me. However getting a spray tan, although horrifying to my dignity wasn’t too bad, if it looked rank I could blame it on the poor girl that did it and insist I was forced into it by peer pressure. Then I liked it, oh no. Ever since I’ve wanted to try home applied fake tan but I’ve never had the balls.

So this Saturday I’m going to a friends birthday party and I thought okay, that’s it I’m going to buy some fake tan! And buy it I did. However I’m currently borderline poor so I did not have a lot of cash to splash, I went to Wilkinson’s and picked up St Moriz which from what I could see looked like a complete rip off of a well known higher end brand of tan and as I put it in my basket it knew it was going to be pants. But I grabbed the tanning mitt that was adorned flamingos and pineapples and off I went.

Now I watched my sister fake tan all through my childhood. I t

hought that she looked completely and utterly ridiculous. A delightful shade of orange that trump would be proud of and the oompa loompa song following her around the house because me and the rest of my sisters were horrible children. I hated it, it smelled funny, she always looked green when she had just applied it, she left orange marks wherever she went and she couldn’t join in with anything remotely fun in case she laughed to hard or sweat too much and caused streaks. So I had low expectations.

I exfoliated like my life depended on it, moisturised my knees, elbows and all the dry bits and I picked up my mitt and the bottle of fake tan. I chose the instant tan mousse in the medium shade. I would have chosen light but they didn’t have any available. It was a scary colour but I pulled up my big girl pants and went ahead and rubbed it in. I was so terrified of looking like a piece of streaky bacon that I rubbed it in within an inch of its life. My veins may well be tanned by now. But once I was sure I’d covered everything I needed to cover with an even layer of this stuff I finally relaxed. It had gone on well, the mitt was good and the colour of the mousse made it easy to see if there was anywhere that you had missed, a little bit of product went a long way, no weird green tinge and the cherry on top for me I didn’t smell like chemical waste, it was almost completely odourless.

I left it for around 5 hours (it says to leave it about 4-6) and had a shower, washing it off. I was slightly worried that I’d scrubbed it all off and would be back to BFF’s with Casper. But alas, the golden, lightly tanned colour stayed. I was so impressed.
It cost me £3 for the bottle, I tanned my legs, arms, chest, neck and face and I probably used less than ten pumps. I would like to branch out and try some more expensive brands and see how they compare but as I’m attempting to keep costs down and showcase the best of the affordable I would quite happy use this tan for the rest of my days. It may have even turned me into a regular tanner (something that if you’d have told 14 year old Andie she would have cringed so hard her eyes would have fallen out.)

St Moriz is definitely on my list of amazing products at fantastic prices. I found mine at Wilkinson’s but I know a lot of places sell this brand.


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