The best places to buy candles that won’t leave you totally skint. 

candle blog post.png

We all love a good candle, I don’t know if it’s the flickering light, the scrumptious smells or the cute homey feel they give the place but the minute I go into shop I’m off like a greyhound to the candle section. I’ve found a few places where they sell very nice, reasonably priced scented candles so I thought I’d share them with you!
Primark – I love this place in general. This is the money savers holy grail for pretty much anything, decent quality at low cost is something that’s hard to come by but usually Primark does it. Some items can be a little bit hit and miss but as a whole, they’re a very good place if you haven’t got much cash to work with. Their candles included. They have a decent range of candles, some a scented and some aren’t (I’m a sucker for scented, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a candle that wasn’t scented) and they’re such good prices. You can get a 3 wick scented candle in very pretty tins for £5. Their whole range is beautiful, I would recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for some!

Supermarkets – any supermarket that has a homeware section. Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose I’ve seen candles in every single one of these shops, these are usually quite plain but very good prices, occasionally they’ll have something a little bit more arty farty. (I’m looking at you ASDA with you initial candles!) if you’re looking for something plain and cheap these might be the guys for you! Plus Tesco do a range with Yankee candle which of course smell divine.

The range, TOFS, next etc. – these types of shops that are a mix of everything are great for candles. Where I’m from we have a TOFS (The Original Factory Shop) and Store 21 which both sell some awesome candles at ridiculously good prices. I have to talk myself out of buying a candle every time I walk in there. Some of these can be a little bit pricier but I find they’re larger/more intricate scents!

Matalan – I’ve saved my personal fave till last, this is one place where I will always walk out with a candle. Not only that but I’ll stand there for a good half an hour smelling every single one. They have a range out at the moment which I currently have 2 from that come in large glass tubs, one is black orchid and amber scented and it cost me £5 this candle is pretty darn big so for its size it’s a great price. So imagine my joy that the next time I go in there they have a certain scent half price. I got a pomegranate and peony scented candle for £2.50. That same trip I also got a large pineapple and coconut scented candle which was also £5. This is probably my favourite, the smell is sweet but fresh at the same time and it’s covered in tropical leaves. Perfect summer scent!

I plan to do another post candles at Christmas time because as you can imagine, this is my favourite time to go shopping for candles!

What are your favourite candle scents?


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